A car tune up is an automotive maintenance operation that involves replacing spark plugs and possible valve adjustment. The car tune up also includes inspecting or replacing the cap, rotor, fuel and air filters. The purpose of a car tune up is to ensure that the operation of the vehicle is at peak efficiency.

       60/90/120K SERVICE



Factory recomended services based on milage are a crucial tool in keeping your car in tip top shape. Different vehicles have different needs thats why this is a service not to neglect. 



This is the inspection of one of the car's most important belts — the notched rubber belt known as the timing belt. This belt allows the crankshaft to drive the camshaft, which in turn opens and closes the valves. Without this belt, the engine can't run.During the inspection, We  will look for signs of wear, such as cracks, shredding or excessive slack. We'll also look for signs of oil leaks from the adjacent seals and water pump, which can damage the belt and considerably shorten its life.

Although maintenance intervals are now more widely spaced, even the newest cars require scheduled service to live long, productive lives. Whether yours is the latest model or you paid it off years ago, the trick is giving your car the maintenance it was designed to receive.

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